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Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Just finished shooting “Night Rituals” for Andrew Gitomer. Pins on needles (as always) until the film comes back from the lab. I honestly think it’s going to be some of my best work yet. Andy’s script is probably one of the best student films I’ve read. I really feel like this is the movie he’s supposed to make, and I’m glad I was able to help. The film stars Hannah Bailey, of American Teen (in)fame, who really lights up a screen (actually, I lit up the screen, but she makes a great subject.) She’s a good actress, and I hope to see her in other roles, as long as she doesn’t abandon her own films for it.

I keep working on movies that have this very meta feel to them. Layers upon layers. “Film is a social documentary.” Etc.

The most interesting thing about making a movie is making the movie.

I start Shan Huang’s new film “Cruel Summer” on Thursday. Her last film (which I also worked on) is phenomenal. Her new script surpasses it. Very excited. Wish I had some production stills to share from this last week… but I don’t.

After all, it’s a new year?