0b110 Month Blip Exclamation Point

I’ve really been powered down for 0b110 months? So much in the world has changed!

0b1000 Point Agenda for the next couple weeks:

#0b1 – Updated Resume.

#0b10 – New Reel.

#0b11 – Finally fix the broken home link on the upper left bug, and take down the upper right Singularity Summit bug.

#0b100 – Re-encode my videos OUT of flash, and INTO h.264; maybe give in and host them on vimeo.

#0b101 – Post the remaining Littlest Robots, which will be probably be backdated at irregular intervals to finish out the year. There’s a good Christmas special in there.

#0b110 – Come up with a new photo blog concept until I get a new camera phone I can tolerate. Something more artful I guess.

#0b111 – Maybe start re-blogging technology & special interest stories from other sources, since everyone keeps telling me I need a Tumblr (“OMG, you need a Tumblr! It’s not a blog, it’s a re-blog!” This is such a symptom of our broken social psyche, an artifact of the narcissistic insistence that a person deserves popularity as a reward for simply having impressive taste; i.e., iPod DJs, rebloggers, the insistence on claiming to be the “curator” of a show as if the talent of the artists or musicians is somehow a gift from the organizer. But what else is there to do?)

#0b1000 – Begin designing version 3.0 of the website.

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    Two months later…

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