Loves of a Blonde

“Loves of a Blonde” © 02007
Written and directed by Gail Bennington
Based on characters by Milos Forman
MiniDV video
1.78:1; 7.07 minutes

A short original scene I did for Gail based on characters from “Loves of a Blonde” by Milos Forman. It’s done pretty well on YouTube so far (2,932,025 views as on 18:09 Thu 30 Oct 02008).

3 Responses to “Loves of a Blonde”

  1. The Child-Like Robot Says:

    3,743,838 views as on 11 January 02009, 02:27:20

  2. The Child-Like Robot Says:

    3,831,345 views as of 14 January 02010, 21:52:21. Only 87 grand on the year is a little disappointing, but long tail and whatnot. I’ve noticed that this vid is getting a surprising number of views here. I DON’T KNOW WHY.

  3. The Child-Like Robot Says:

    3,835,965 views as of 24 March 02010, 01:45:28. +4,620 since last check.

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